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You could search the internet and find tons of places to buy term papers, Master's theses, doctoral dissertations, college admissions essays, blog posts, stage plays, movie scripts, and book chapters. What you will rarely find is a dedicated person committed to helping you succeed, and willing to guide you through the process of producing great written work.

I am a person with a natural flair for writing and communicating, who also happens to have a talent for researching and conveying information to multiple audiences, and I've recently learned that there's a market for people that have these skills.

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About Me

Great Writer For Hire My Vision: To offer individualized service to my clients and to provide dedicated resources that help you succeed.

Who I Am

I have more than 20 years experience in writing research papers, and I have a breadth of knowledge across a number of fields such as business administration, marketing, online media & digital networks, social sciences, education, and information technology.

Academic Experience
I have areas of academic specialization in advanced administration, online communications, and internet marketing and research, and I hold two (2) Masters Degrees obtained from high-ranking, well-regarded academic disciplines.

Professional Experience
I have worked in every capacity within an organization from the lower-level minimum wage employee to the project manager to the CEO & Principle of my own company.

Research Experience
I have a naturally inquisitive nature, which causes me to continually look for new intellectual stimuli. That usually translates into me searching the web and learning something new on any number of topics.

Writing Experience
I have expert written and verbal communication skills, and I am quite astute at turning a variety of ideas and topics into excellent written communique.
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What This Means For You:
You get a well-rounded, articulate content writer who can function as both a sounding board for brainstorming content ideas and “ghostwriter” that is creatively adaptive enough to take your rudimentary ideas and turn them into great written pieces.

Services I Provide:
I provide model research papers, essays, and term papers on the high school, collegiate, Masters and Doctoral levels, in addition to ghostwriting blog posts, stort stories, and book chapters. I also brainstorm writing ideas via email, phone, Skype, or Google Talk to help people get over writer's blog, and I do custom writing assignments, which are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, as a gesture of appreciation, I offer discounts to repeat customers.

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My Services

Disclaimer: Academic papers and writings are provided to serve as a guide to demonstrate essay-writing best practices to help improve writing capacity. The aforementioned documents are intended for research purposes, to be used as a reference source to provide additional understanding of the subject matter and/or generate ideas and reasoning for producing additional original works. Using this service is legal and not prohibited by the laws governing the state of its operation. Please refer to your own state/academic institution for further guidance on the laws and policies governing your state. does not disclose personal information to third parties, except as required by law.

Please Note: I am as interested in maintaining my anonymity and privacy as I will be for securing your identity should you join my client roster.

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